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Companies large and small can benefit with an Alzore Solutions partnership. 

Digital Transformation enables clients with an end-to-end integration of their core services to achieve the greatest benefits. These benefits include:

  • Increased revenue (Clients are enabled with self serve capabilities)
  • Decrease in the reliance of back office personnel as paper documents will no longer exist. 
  • Elimination of external storage and costs
  • Unified platform across all lines of business. (Common enterprise capability) 
  • Predictable project costs - with a proven solution in WAFR, integrating using this solution will decrease your project risks and manage your costs. 

  •  Our consulting service team will partner with your teams to support your organization throughout the entire life cycle of your projects.
  • As Nuvola distributors we have key partnerships with IBM and OneSpan and therefore we can include the appropriate resources to support our partners.
  • With our industry leading expertise, we support your designs to achieve the personalized branded client experience to meet your digital transformation goals. 
  • On Premise or hosted solutions
  • Ongoing reporting and analytics provide insightful data your teams require to ensure your efficiencies are realized. 

Industry Observations

  • Organizations must evolve to retain current customers and attract new customers. Organizations have either invested in eSignatures or have performed their due diligence as they acknowledge their client’s expectations have evolved with technology. 
  • We are entering an era of hyperadoption and hyperabandonment in which consumers flock to, and flock away from, new digital experiences at unprecedented rates.” (Forrester report – Feb 2017)
  • Many organizations struggle with their eSignatures deliverables as they have complicated, disparate applications that often include awkward paper workflows. The costs of migrating these paper processes via in-house proprietary solutions results in negative business cases leaving many organizations to fall short of their digital processing objectives. 
  • Navigating through the numerous unknowns results in uncertainty, delays and risks.
  • Digital Transformation is far more than eSignatures!

Is your company struggling with questions such as these?

  •  What are we legally allowed to digitize?
  • How do we deliver an end-to-end solution that includes document generation, document rationalization, workflow, signing, storage, retrieval, security, branding with complete reporting and analytics? 
  • How many vendors do we need to engage? 
  • What type of architecture and technology do we need? 
  • How do we achieve support with our Compliance, AML, Fraud and Legal partners? 
  • What are our client expectations?
  • How do we support multiple channels? (What's the expected client experience in each channel?)

If the above are some of your struggles, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you. 

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